"it may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. we are like eggs at present. and you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. we must be hatched or go bad. " -c.s. lewis

Monday, May 21, 2012

for the fun of it

we really need to wake the fuck up.

many of the things we do "for fun" or "for the fun of it" are CLEARLY abusive, negligent, disrespectful and just plain ignorant. these things really show the underlined "nature" that we have accepted as ourselves and continue to manifest as the world. full of superiority, anger, mistreatment, abuse and hate masking as love. there are many ways in which we trick ourselves into seeing mistreatment as entertainment or fun. to name a few:

the circus - a place where we enjoy ourselves and have "fun" watching animals do tricks that finger our pleasure sensors ALL THE WHILE disregarding the abusive ways (beating, prod sticks, electric bull hooks) in which we con a bear or a tiger or a lion to do these un-natural acts for our amusement.

boxing/fighting - a situation in which we place two people inside of a box and watch them abuse one another's bodies and then judge them based on who abused the other greater and with more efficiency. and then call that person a 'winner'. ALL THE WHILE disregarding the collectively accepted disrespect that is shown towards the physical form and life in general (< that we would be entertained by the possibility of death and pain being inflicted on another) and the glorification of violence that is displayed (< then we are surprised that within are young we produce bullies and supporters of separation and war).

eating - an experience where all is apparently "fair". where we will do anything for a taste that we have decided is worth inflicting needless pain on beings smaller than ourselves. foie gras, lobster and veal are some of the most brutal. this is fueled by a system of profit that has no real barriers in itself.

fake up/make up - most people wouldnt stab a kitten in the eye with a mascara brush themselves but our use of products that were made "safe" to use by others stabbing kittens in their eyes with mascara brushes does show our acceptance and allowance and contribution towards the action. just like our support of a system the encourages profit at any cost as it instills competition and separation within the young ones so by the time they are the old ones, the circus, boxing and 'mistreat to eat' food will be "the norm".

much abuse is currently carried out in the name of fun.

and its interesting that when these points of un-noticed abuse within our "fun" are brought to the surface and talked about, the talker is usually seen to be a "kill joy" or "debbie downer" or "too serious" and the talkie usually makes themselves feel attacked. because the idea of fun the talkie has accepted and allowed as real, as themselves, IS NOT really fun. and its clear when the whole is considered within common sense.

i came across this video today of a man and woman couple with their child at a laundry mat. this couple thought it would be fun to put their small child inside of a washing machine. some would initially agree that this would be a "funny little thing" to do. within accepting the part (the generation of energy that we call "having fun") instead of considering the whole (the possibility that a being will be killed due to the action is being taken) we open ourselves up for things like rape, allowing others to starve or be homeless, murder, sex trafficking, child prostitution and all the other "ugly" things we dont like to consider the "nature" of ourselves having a direct hand in. because if we accept the idea that if we think its "fun" we should do it, then we must consider ALL of what people in general currently think is "fun". and that includes some fucked up shit if one is willing to be self honest about the current starting point behind ALL OF our "fun"...

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