"it may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. we are like eggs at present. and you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. we must be hatched or go bad. " -c.s. lewis

Saturday, May 26, 2012


TRIS PHOSPHATE proven to cause cancer and sterility in animals

POLYBROMINATED DIPHENYL ETHERS proven to damage the reproductive and nervous systems as well as disrupt thyroid function

TETRAKIS-HYDROMETHYL PHOSPHONIUM CHOLORIDA proven to promote the growth of cancerous tumors, damage the liver and skin,and also has been linked to genetic abnormalities..

ORGANOPHOSPHATE INSECTICIDES a neurotoxin proven to cause long term brain damage when presented during a critical stage in develeopment..

LEAD proven to cause head aches, stomach pains and linked to the improper production of red blood cells which limits the bodies ability carry oxygen to organs and other cells..

POLYCHLORINATED BIPHENYLS proven to contain cancer causing chemicals and affect the immune, endocrine and reproductive systems in animal test. we are unsure of how this translates to the human being..

PESTICIDES proven to weaken immune system, a slow poison and also proven to be the death of lots of life --insects, fungus and other small animals-- that was just trying to get a bite of the food supply.

what do all these ^ things have in common??

we have or continue to put these chemicals, and more, in our clothes, in our food, in our drinks in our childrens toys, in our jewelry, in our mattresses, in our computers , in our pots and pans, in our toothpaste , in our dental floss , in our make up , in our phones , in --basically in our bodies.

some of these things are no longer put into our stuff. it isnt because we did not know and now we do so we are changing what we do. no. its because what we were deliberately overlooking/not addressing is now being addressed by someone. and what is, well is. and is not determinate on ones beliefs or delusions of grandeur. so we must present the illusion of care and the "do something". but its interesting because we are not willing to just do. we want to do some thing. to do would mean a complete clean sweep of ALL of our stuff. not just stop the fuckery with some of our stuff. its ALL OUR STUFF. if we allow it with some stuff, we allow it with stuff period. many other countries are making a point to rid chemicals from the production of their goods. the united states, not so much..

every year fire kills tons of people. thousands of people. but the statement that "fire kills tons of people" is true but missing context. its not that fire is just jumping around and killing people. its not that children sleeping are "just" catching on fire. most fires are started by us. whether its someone carelessly falling asleep with a lit cig, not watching what they are cooking, too many plugs in a socket, shitty or neglected wiring (yes,that is still an 'us thing'), shitty or neglected building construction, matches not properly put away, children not properly taught safety....many reason. all our own. with the obvious consideration of wild fires. though our human hand has aided in the adjustment of our natural environment which has led to the circumstance of wild fires as well. we are always at the helm of all that manifest here in existence.

with fire, we think of it as something we need to protect ourselves from. i mean, we have a fire department. no flood (water) department. no tornado (wind) department. no quake (earth) department. but fire is a must. because, with our careless actions and long generational solidified fear of fire, we create the need. so the justification is made, with fire retardants, that it is something we need to protect our children from fire. HA, when in actuality its us (who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become) that we need protection from lest we continue on this path of ignorance.

people say that the incidents of fires have decrease since we decided to start putting fire retardant chemicals into the fabric that we put onto our skin. when in actuality, its NOT THE FIRE RETARDANTS that is the reason for their being less fires. its the attention that is paid towards fires in general. people are paying a bit (very small but needs to be acknowledged) more attention. whether that is fear based or awareness driven,i cannot say for certain. but for THAT reason, incidents of fires have decreased. its always the action of us that is moving here.

there is a book i have heard about called 'non toxic avenger' by deanna duke.

this woman goes into detail of all the chemicals that we knowingly place into our bodies in various ways and the ways in which these things have affected her and her family. as well as documents her walk out of the cycle of living she and her family are use to. she makes a point to stop her family from consuming, wearing and using many things that are actually terrible for the human physical body and its life long development. she tested and rid her home of many childrens toys, jewelry, food items, drinks.. many cool things within the book. the main thing that stuck out to me was how difficult it was for her family to change their cycle. her husband and children, even in their desire to support their mother, had a hard time giving things up and adjusting to "new living". and this "new living" did not cut absolutely all harmful products out. just most of them. so there is still some back door-ish acceptance in there but this is not to judge but to realize that shit doesnt "just" happen. we must walk them into manifestation. whatever they may be. it is understandable that the family would find change difficult. especially to do together. but also shows that with action and determinant movement, we can change anything we want to change. we could make the decision not to put harmful chemicals into our stuff, into our bodies. all it takes is the simple, beautiful decision to act in a way that is best for all life. ..


for some, "good eating" is not a possibility. hell, eating is not a possibility for many. so the solution is not to purchase organic food or grow ur own garden or purchase this or that. until the only value here - LIFE- is realized, we will continue to value the lie..

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