"it may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. we are like eggs at present. and you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. we must be hatched or go bad. " -c.s. lewis

Friday, November 11, 2011

veterans day

so today is veterans day. the facebook status' thanking all the veterans for their services are up. the president laid a reef at the 'tomb of the unknown' as well as issued a tax credit for hiring unemployed vets. some will be giving a minute of silence. some are collecting candy to send over to the soldiers, others putting together as many gift baskets (food/candy/personal things a soldier needs) as possible to send over as well. i was watching the news about the establishment of a 'veterans court' where veterans who come home and commit crimes are able to be helped differently and receive different attention via our court system because they are a veteran. my sisters company (shes a liquor rep) has a program going on where if u buy a bottle of this specific type of alcohol the proceeds will go to purchasing cell phones and minutes for soldiers so they are able to call home and speak with their families.

ok, i am going to touch on each of these ways in which we call ourselves "honoring" or respecting or helping soldiers and veterans with some common sense and consideration of the whole.

-the facebook status' thanking all the veterans for their services are up.-
so we all hail these veterans because they fight in our wars. in this we disregard the whole or what war is, what it entails, its starting point. no one should support war. in a nutshell, war is murder from profit.

to deny that statement is to deny what that facts are regarding war, as a whole. war is started by beliefs. one side believes things should be this way, the other side believe things should be another way. both sides, in thier minds, think they are doing what is best for "their people", "their country", "their land" and that they are willing to manipulate/lie/hurt/kill to get their way. to profit in their eyes. the spoiled child, but for adults. there is lots of money in war. money to be made and spent. and in this spending and making of money and profits -the lives of many are disregarded. whether it is the soldiers of whichever country or the civilians of "the enemy". there is only one world. life is life. and life always pays the death debt of war. the fact that we ("us" and "them") feel like we need people that are willing to not only die, but kill other people (men, women, children, cities, either now or through the years due to physical consequences of our actions)- is a problem that is not being looked at within our "celebrating of veterans". we say these men and women fight for our "freedom" and/or bring "freedom" to others.

which is laughable because we are not free. we are slaves to much and many. and we fucking pay. just because u are born into this world does not mean u get the freedom to eat food/live once u get here. no. someone who has mentally decided to give a damn about u, above most others, has to go out and make some money then they will be able to buy food/give u the "freedom" to live. the breath is free. and until we are as the breath, we are not free.

-the president laid a reef at the 'tomb of the unknown' as well as issued a tax credit for hiring unemployed vets.-
separation is not best for all. as seen in the separation of religions in which wars are fought as a result. people willing do die and kill others to prove to self that selfs beLIEfS are right and superior to others beLIEfS. as seen in the separation of races of people in which wars are fought as a result. people willing to die and kill others to prove to self that selfs race is right and superior to other races. from separation leads to ideas of winners and losers. as seen in our current capitalistic system. there are tons of people unemployed right now. people. not veterans or non veterans or blacks or whites or mexicans or young or old. people. but we are accepting and allowing of a tax credit for hiring unemployed vets? when so many PEOPLE are in need of assistance? its very dismissive of the whole. and because we have accepted and allowed this capitalistic system as ourselves ( this system of required winners and losers) there is the probability that we will want to profit. either many will hire veterans for reasons of getting the tax cut or many will disregard others that need jobs and possess the skills to do said job and instantly go towards hiring a veteran for reasons of mental ideas connected to people who fight in wars..or the tax cut or all of they above in more. we have to consider it all within the system in which we operate and consider ourselves because we ultimately create and manifest the system in which we operate. we need to do things on a world wide scale. one world. one people. lets stop settling for helping small groups of people to assist them in creating mental ideas of being "lucky" or "blessed" or in any way superior to any other person. in doing that we accept and allow the physical consequences of moving through life with that mentality. which is much..

-some will be giving a minute of silence.-
what is the point of a minute of silence? well, the way we take 'a moment of silence' is to remember those who have died. we would rather remember what is done than to stop it from having to be done. the fact that we still solve our "unsolvable" with our 'go to solution' = murder is fascinating. because it is so widely accepted as something that "has to" go on in life. this shows the limitation we allow to live in and as us. well in actuality one point of silence is 'to hear something'. if nothing is being SAID to be HEARD by way of the silence, whats the point of the silence?

-some are collecting candy to send over to the soldiers, others putting together as many gift baskets (food/candy/personal things a soldier needs) as possible to send over as well.-
we supply these our soldiers with almost endless amounts of bullets and tanks and rations, we spend billions, yes BILLIONS, on war as a whole --- but we require charity (money from beings that are not fighting) to create baskets of what we consider delicious food and necessities ( shaving cream, favorite junk foods, books, wet wipes, tissue, sweets, whatever). if we have this great appreciation for our soldiers and what they are fighting for why does someone have to pay $70 to send a soldier some chips and shit? these people should be given whatever the hell they need. all people really. and the companies that sell this shit are ran by beings whos egos collectively attribute to us going to war in the first place are making a profit off something that should JUST be done. if it was about actually care and not presenting the illusion of care, these things would be done different. every aspect of how we help another.

-i was watching the news about the establishment of a 'veterans court' where veterans who come home and commit crimes are able to be helped differently and receive different attention via our court system because they are a veteran.-

soldiers deal with a lot of shit. they are thrust into a world where they must survive at all cost with people out there that are trying to kill them and hidden mines under the ground to which if stepped on while blow them to pieces not being able to sleep comfortably most of the time, always hearing or seeing others die around them. its a lot of shit. and if one is looking at things within self honesty one will see that all are going through these same things. all is a reflection of our current acceptance and allowance of ourselves. we are all thrust into a world where we must survive at all cost in the capitalistic system that accepts that there will be winners and losers. that accepts there will be people left at the waist side. we are all surrounded by people that are trying to kill us. whether it is by way of money, as one must have money to eat and eats to live, or by way of one of the many beings who, with the help of this world as a whole, have manifested themselves as murders. we are all looking out for mines in relation to cancer, sexually transmitted diseases (because MANY people are deceptive or simply not self aware at all. as we breed us to be..) and many dis eases that plague our earth which we really dont know in totality how they manifest all the time. thousands of people die around us daily. just depends on ones mental ideas about what "around me" is - versus what ,in actuality, around us all is. all the same shit in different forms. but the same shit nonetheless. which is why many PEOPLE are dealing with the same things as a veteran that has been to war would. and many -all- PEOPLE are in need of the attention we want to separately give to the veterans. we want to get to the bottom and help these veterans instead of just send them to jail like we do with "regular" people. creating the separation of veterans and "regular" people, the superiority of veterans over "regular" people, the worth of the life of veterans over "regular" people. this is not best for all in any account. with the establishment of this 'veterans court' we are saying a number of things. we are saying that our "regular" people court system is not equip to deal with the needs of a veteran who comes back and commits a crime. we are saying that veterans are more deserving of assistance than "regular" people. we are saying that we require a special court for veterans only to help in the way that we should be helping all people if we valued all people but since we value the life of a veteran over the life of a "regular" person they need to have their own court to go to when they fuck up. this is obviously a lack of care for the whole. and one of many acts that disregard people as a whole.

my sisters company (shes a liquor rep) has a program going on where if u buy a bottle of this specific type of alcohol the proceeds will go to purchasing cell phones and minutes for soldiers so they are able to call home and speak with their families.
we spend billions of dollars on war. billions of dollars are made in profits of war. we spend billions of dollars each year on television advertisement. but we cant spend a couple thousand to send each soldier a fucking cell phone and minutes? we have to get people to purchase a specific type of alcohol (attached to a brand profiting off of the need for soldiers to be able to call home)in order to let our soldiers who we claim we honor and respect so greatly have access to a cell phone and minutes? in this we disregard the fact that alcohol is one of the leading causes of unnecessary deaths in the entire world, we disregard the conditional existence we create for our soldiers (as we do for the world as a whole),we disregard the honor and respect we call ourselves wanting to give to veterans above all people. not seeing we actually disregard veterans as we disregard people. as we try to emit the illusion of care for both. when presented with the new project at work, 'minutes for soldiers', my sister immediately saw the common sense point of , why dont we just GIVE them phones and minutes. they had an actual soldier there that she asked if they actually get these phones and these minutes. to which the soldier said yes and its cool because they cannot always get to a place where they are able to phone home. and my sister asked the big elephant question in the room of why dont we just GIVE soldiers phones and minutes. there was a moment of silence. and then they responded that they didnt know. but quickly left the bullshit untouched and encouraged to push this specific alcohol and the program.

there is so much hypocracy within our collective actions as people. we say this day is to honor those who fight or die at war. the best way to honor them is to do everything we have every done completely different. every way we use to address a situation, stop that and do that different. every way we use to address opposition, stop that and do that different. every way we raise people up to be, stop that and do that different. to where war is not an option or possibility in our world. it is possible. change is not only possible, its necessary. there is much to consider as to why things are the way they are. starting with our individual/collective acceptance and allowance of ourselves.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

denim and diamonds

watching the news yesterday i saw the story of this denim and diamonds fundraiser. i am going to paste the article below in then give notice and attention to the overlooked aspects within ways of dealing with our issues and programs such as this...

It's not the usual jewelry worn with jeans, but a local women's counseling center is asking you to wear denim and diamonds this week.
A short time ago Gina Graham said even little things such as shopping and sharing with friends, were not enough to help her cope anymore with the aftermath of a painful childhood.
"It really came to the point where I felt like I was having an identity crisis and really the ways I'd been thinking that got through those tough times for many years, weren't working for me anymore." Said Graham, a former client of Eve Center.
So Graham sought out the help of some of the people such as peer counselors at the Eve Center. The center provides faith based counseling for women by women.
"It's safe, no cost and very confidential." Said Cinny Roy, Executive Director of the Eve Center.
Graham, Roy and peer counselor Wanda Taylor Smith met up with us to wear denim and go shopping for a few perfectly sized diamond at Philip Bortz Jewelry downtown.
But when it comes to what they are supporting, you might say one size fits all with these diamonds. We are talking about demin and diamonds for a very important reason. This weekend is the first ever Denim and Diamonds Fundraiser for the Eve Center. The money raised will provide even more free mental health counseling.
"One of the ways women process things is by talking through things, and this helps them to understand that god has given them the where-withal to talk through some of their issues." Said Wanda Taylor-Smith, an Eve Center counselor.
Those issues are gone for Gina Graham. "I want other people to know what I know now, that life can be different." She said.
In other words, you can get the spark, or in this case the sparkle, back again.

ok, this is a blatant example of selective viewing of the part instead of the whole in many ways within this story.

first shown in the fact that gina graham created the 'denim and diamonds' idea because her childhood was so painful that she, apparently, could not cope with without the help of the eve center and making herself and others feel pretty with some diamonds. now this is not to down the support and assistance of organizations but instead to point out that most of us have had things happen in our childhood that would be considered painful and all of us have the ability to deal with these things without the help of a center or things like diamonds to make us feel pretty or loved. we advocate self discovery but not self creation. as pointed out here "It really came to the point where I felt like I was having an identity crisis and really the ways I'd been thinking that got through those tough times for many years, weren't working for me anymore." gina was aware that she had a hard childhood discovered that it had affects on her but didnt actually do anything about how she accepted and allowed her childhood to affect her. instead of getting down to the ideas she had accepted about herself and life by way of her painful childhood and letting go of those ideas to create a different gina, she rested in ways that were not helpful because they did not stand the test of time. seen in her later "identity crisis".

another display of the disregard of the whole in favor of the part is our collective view of diamonds. when we think of diamonds we think of love, "foreverness", money, commitment. in this we completely slight the big picture of the acquisition of diamonds. whether it is a conflict diamond or not is besides the point on the fact that we need a reality check about the relationship we accept and allow ourselves to have with diamonds as a WHOLE. two-thirds of all diamonds come from africa. this is something that happens often where a country that is considered poor is rich in some resources that we here in the united states has mental value in. many children are killed by way of diamonds and the diamond industry. many are either forced to be a child laborer or a child soldiers. sometimes whole communities forced into labor and an abusive existence, low or no pay and many times death. do diamonds, in totality, make people happy and represent love? definitely not. and we adopt and spout phrases like 'diamonds are a girls best friend' not seeing the implications of such a statement when looking at the whole and not just the part. with the implementation of the equal money system this brutality would end. for one, because life and its value will be respected from birth until death. for all. period. and another because in an equal money system the fact that one thinks it is acceptable to brutalize another being would not be overlooked. it will be addressed and gotten to the root of the issue. no longer will we sit on the sidelines and simply accept and allow bullshit in OUR life. the profit driven murder does not have to be. but we accept it and allow it by holding onto these delusional ideas about diamonds.

so for $60 per person, $85 if u desire a sapphire ticket which includes consideration of being in actual sponsor and a t-shirt, people can enjoy a dinner and music and the chance to win $3700 worth of jewelry and feel like they are helping people who would require faith based counseling via the eve center. all the while being okay with our "love" of diamonds so intense and "special" as to lead to children having their limbs cut off or communities enslaved and brutalized. all the while being okay with our idea of "helping" with a problem without addressing the starting point or considering all of the consequences there of. always looking at the part instead of the whole.

we need to stop this greed within us. it the same greed that allows one to cut the limbs off a child. its the same greed that allows us to blindly value diamonds when the outflow of their acquisition is apparent. its the same greed that allows us to require the involvement of money to dictate the quality of "help" that is given in any situation towards any issue. it the same greed that allows us to feel good about spending $60 towards a cause instead of taking collective action to stop the cause.

if we truly cared about prevention of painful childhoods that would lead to needing support from the help of the eve center which needs money to run which would require a fund raiser in which we support the acquisition of diamonds that people die for daily...then we would establish a world wide system that supports life. so life does not feel the need to do whatever to get money and survive. if we truly cared we would honestly investigate an equal money system. one that addresses and stops causes instead of raises money for them.

asian long horned beetle

there is big controversy going on in my state right now regarding the asian long horned beetle. this beetle was accidentally brought over from asia in some timber and is, well doing what the asian long horned beetle does. eat trees and lay eggs.

it was introduced into the united states in 1996 and has been making its way around since then. it has made its way to ohio and everyone is freaking out about it. there was a meeting in bethel here yesterday in ohio where there was discussion about if we are going to cut to upwards of 50,000 trees (some infected, some "at risk" healthy trees). this will not necessarily stop the insects but reduce the infection. so in reality, this may continue to have to been done every so often once the beetles who remain continue to do what they do which is lay eggs and eat trees. there are warnings to keep and eye out for the signs that a tree is infected with the beetle and to report it immediately if found. saying, this is what we must do to protect "our forest" and "our trees" from these insects. for one, the forest DO NOT belong to us. this is what we, as a society, hold as truth. that all here on this earth belong to us humans only. which is completely untrue and shows the superior nature in which we are taught to operate from towards all other beings.

i have to ask, were these beetles displaced by us humans in asia to begin with? we are not partial to taking over pieces of land with no regards as to what humans, animals or insects currently inhabit said land. our exploration of the rainforest, because the starting point is ego and human self interest, it is an abusive act towards the animals, insects and plants. whether it is to build roads, explore for oil, logging, mining or whatever "reason" we feel like we direly need to destroy the life of the rainforest. could this asian long horned beetle be pointing something out to us in relation to how we invade others homes without regard? and then we go to our 'go to solution'. which is to kill. that is how we deal with if someone disagrees with is as a country, as a species. not that it HAS to be this way, but this is how we have accepted and allowed it to be.

we do this to animals often. we take away what they eat or what naturally eats them, displace them from their homes or natural habitats then kill them afterward when there is no place for them to go and we just name them as pest to us. which in actuality is because the asian long horned beetle places great risk to the profit of the timber industry. as we are fighting for our profit, which holds mental make beLIEve value in profit, we let the value of life die beneath our feet. our greed kills. many animals become extinct by way of nature (though we as humans -in our behavior and practices- have a serious impact on the cycles of nature that extinct many animals as well) but we humans have our hands in the extinction of animals for our own unnecessary reasons. consequences from actions taken by us within superiority towards other beings instead of equality and respect as a bottom line. as seen with polar bears, deer, snakes, various foxes, the dodo bird and countless other animals, birds and insects.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the physical

the physical is very supportive if one is paying attention and not trying to make factual things out of fictional thoughts- but remaining here and present within movement.

for example...

if one is eating and in the mind thinking about all kinds of shit ("do i look weird eating this way?" "maybe i should go on a diet.." "my car and job really suk." "i wonder if that guy will ask me out.." etc) then one is not here with the food and the fork and the body and the chair and the table in the physical. one is in the mind and the mind is not HERE physically present with the food and the fork and the body and the chair and the table. can one touch a thought? no. thoughts are not physically here. and the physical is always here and moving without malice or judgment or goodness or hurtfulness or morbidness or a rosey outlook. its simply here. so- if one is eating and in the mind one may bite their tongue. this happens and we get pissed. pissed at the tongue, at the food. we say "damn! I bit my tongue!" but yet we fail to realise that the physical is supporting us to realise that we were not physically HERE to stop OUR OWN teeth from biting OUR OWN tongue.

if one is driving a car and in the mind thinking all kinds of shit ( "these drivers are all such bad drivers. im a good driver." "damn if i dont hurry im going to be late then i might get fired and i NEED that money!" "i hope no one doesnt hit me.." "i wonder what everyone is going to be doing this weekend? maybe there is a party going on. i need a drink." "my car is so ugly. i need to get a brand new car like that person over there.." "damn i wish i had more money to get..." etc...) then one is not there with the car and the wheel and the road and the people in the physical. even singing and being SO into "your song" creating emotionality and bringing up memories regarding said song is not the practical way that one should drive. it is very important to be HERE while driving, while doing anything actually but in this example while driving. it takes a split second of driving while in the mind to miss a needless incident coming ones way. and this happens so fucking often that it really saddens me that we dont individually/collectively take notice to this bullshit and pay attention and be present while fucking driving. not being HERE is the cause of most accidents and deaths on the roadway as well as deaths for animals(which is needless because the road does NOT belong to us only. it belongs to ALL equally. even animals that simply need to pass). wether that 'not being here' is attributed to tons of thoughts going through ones head, being fucking drunk/tipsy (i cannot count how many of the people that i know drive after they have been drinking even though we KNOW KNOW KNOW that self is not present when alcohol is involved and that this causes many accidents and deaths. where is care?), being fearful of others on the road or speeding/rushing and disregarding others on the road. and then when an accident occurs everyone is pissed off and we look for one person to blame. we dont collectively teach and advocate practical ways of being a human being. so everything that comes after that bullshit starting point (driving, playing, working, school systems, the law, our idea of giving, our idea of helping, birthing human beings, our hospital system..etc) has the potential to manifest into bullshit as well. as shown in the state of the world currently.

if one is walking and in the mind, not HERE in the physical, one might trip and fall and break/scrap/injure a part of ones physical body. THAT is the physical trying to let one know, "hey, u were not here when this what about to happen to us. so if u are not HERE to direct u/us, where ever u are (in the mind) is directing u/us". then we get pissed at "luck" saying oh i just have such "bad luck". we never want to see ourselves within the bullshit. its always some other reason why this or that has happened. its never because we accepted and allowed it to happen. which is, in actuality, the ONLY reason anything happens in this world. by our individual/collective acceptance and allowance.

i have gotten into car accidents, hurt other people in various ways, *slit the tendons in my hand for which i now type with 9 fingers only, walked into walls or doors, stubbed my toe, dropped and broken things, hurt animals, wasted food, missed appointments, missed opportunities to help others, missed opportunities to change the world needlessly -all because i was not paying attention. being in the mind instead of being HERE and present within consideration of all (things and people) in my actions.
what about u?
consider all the things that have gone on/do go on in the world because we dont pay attention to the whole in relation to the things that we do. wars, rapes, murders, slavery (historical and modern day), killing off of animals, ruining portions of the earth in which we ALL reside on, placing value in money instead of where value belongs -in life-, starvation, disregard of life...

eating, driving and walking are just three of the things that if done while in the mind manifest bullshit in the world. consider the fact that we have been doing EVERYTHING from the starting point of the mind (with a self interested chaser..) since the beginning of time. all the while we completely miss that being physically HERE is key to stopping all the "whoops" and "oops" and bullshit in the world that we "dont know" how or why it continues to happens.

the mind/thoughts cannot be trusted. only the physical, what is HERE and verifiable and touchable, can be trusted. the mind says one must survive and strive to be the happiest one can be in this world. the physical proves that NONE survive ultimately. we all die. that is assured. that is verifiable and touchable. yet we all carry on trying to attain this mental idea of "surviving". like we can. the physical also proves that there is plenty here for all to live a dignified and happy life if one thinks of ALL in relation to self and do what is best for ALL -which includes self-.

attention is the only bill that is free to pay. but we, as a society, push it aside so very often...