"it may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. we are like eggs at present. and you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. we must be hatched or go bad. " -c.s. lewis

Sunday, May 20, 2012

seeing the future - what is missed

the other day my sister was watching the show 'heroes' in my room. this tv show is about a large group of people that are emerging within society that have abilities "not the norm" and all that goes along with difference as we have accepted it as "to be feared" in our world. i have already seen the entire series in the past so i knew what was going to happen or unfold. one of the 'heroes' is a woman whos ability is to dream the future. there is a part towards the end where she sees her son with a friend of his who she has had a "future dream" about. what she is shown is this friend of her son participating in killing a ton of people. from this she tells her son to stay away from her and that she helps to kill many people.

there is something really interesting that ive noticed within our societal depiction of being able to see the future. the characters usually embrace the future that is shown as definite. however, there is ALWAYS much that is not seen within what is shown as 'the future'. in this show the context that was not taken into consideration within this "future dream" that was being presented as definite was that this woman participating in killing tons of people was being moved like a puppet to exploit her ability to attract people to her through her music by another 'hero' with the ability to move anyone as a puppet. the look on her face was obviously distraught and in pain. only after having seen it a second time did i consider this (as the first time the excitement of the idea of being able to peer into the future or fear of what that really means kept me from seeing what was actually being shown in totality).

most movies i can think of with a "future seer" in them depict seeing the future the same way. as in the movie 'minority report' where there are pre-cognitive beings that see the future but they also focus on the 'what will be' and miss the context. whereas they see the flower but miss the seed from which it grew or the watering it took to grow it.

the point that is missed within our "seeing of the future" is that it is always the CURRENT ACTION that will produce the seen future. the future, even if we can see it, is not set in stone. even if one is able to see what will be that can ALWAYS be changed and adjusted with the change or adjustment of self movement. of action. action produces life. not ideas. and this point is always displayed within movies that deal with a "future seer". whether purposeful or not. whether grasped or not.

so, being exposed to this 'seeing the future' point again i see much of the context i missed within the way i looked at this show and all these movies that have "future seers" in them. also i see that we just keep depicting seeing the future this way. where it ACTUALLY IS SHOWN that we can always make the decision to move ourselves differently and not just accept what the current state of us will bring. most look at the future based on the result of their (and others) current actions and see detriment. war, starvation, murder, inequality, mistreatment... which will continue to be produced with continuation of certain actions. however, there are also many of us that are changing and adjusting ourselves from within. and when we look at the future, we see a system of equality and respect based on the reflection of our current actions. the future is not set but is action dependent. so to consider the state of the future is to consider the state of our current actions.

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