"it may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. we are like eggs at present. and you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. we must be hatched or go bad. " -c.s. lewis

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

my period..

so the past two months, or two periods, have kicked my ass..

growing up i would have terrible periods. i wouldnt be able to stand vertical some days without extreme pain. which would leave to me having to lay down all day. when in school i remember times when i spent entire days in my classes laying down because it helped the pain a bit. i wouldnt be able to swallow my spit. it would feel as though if i did swallow it, i would throw up. so i would spit it out all day. i would throw up. even if i did not swallow my spit. fucking terrible experience i was having for many many years. and this is when i was popping pills still. so i would take pamprin or aleve or whatever the fuck anyone would give me. because nothing actually helped the pain or experience in the way of any medicine i would take. so id end up knocking myself out through sleeping pills as i curled up with a heating pad for the day to escape the pain and the experience i was having. and it was always ONLY the first 24hrs. never any cramps or debilitating experience throughout the rest of the days of my period. which i always thought was so very weird..

throughout the years i have changed this experience for myself. i have been changing myself a ton. the way i look at and consider things, the way i look at feelings and thoughts and their origin, the way i look at pain and its origin, the way i move myself...and in this my period experience changed. i have not taken a pill for anything in over two years. i cant recall the last time i had a head ache i couldnt explain or any random pains. my focus was on the pain and walking through the experience of that. with everything. all pains. so that helped to change the period pain experience.

yesterday i starting my blog 'fighting season'. i knew that my period was coming because, well i can always feel when its coming. my entire experienced changed within my period through starting the process of consideration of all aspects of life ("mine" and all life), but i still felt when it was here on the first day. even if i was now able to move myself through the experience. even if there was next to no real pain pain. usually when i "feel it" means that either it is here or will be here very very soon. but i did not move myself to prepare for pain and debilitation. even though last month kicked my ass.. so i went to run errands with my niece. there were times in the beginning stages when i stopped the pain experience and what assisted was getting out of my idea of the period experience. the cup for spit, the heating pad, the laying down, the 'woe is tree' aspect of it all. so i would get up and just move and that would change the experience manifestation. so i, after knowing how last period was, decided to do that. i got up and got us ready and went to run my errands. went to fedex to drop off work recaps and to target to get a couple of things that i needed. we walked around the store, laughed, collected all we needed to (tampons, distilled water, a bathing suit, small container for baking soda, cotton balls, cereal, socks, undies..). throughout the entire store trip though, i felt the period experience gradually growing. i didnt rest in it though. i kept moving. by the time i got back to the house it had grew some more. but i kept moving.

a friend asked me to dinner and though i did feel crappy at this point i still wanted to keep moving. as that seemed to help with staying out of the pain experience in the past. so i did. i showered, by this time my period was full on, and got ready for dinner. went to get into the car and i just wanting to crawl on all fours back into the house. we decided to skip dinner and just go relax instead. came upstairs and the period experience was back. i threw up. did not want to swallow my spit. needed to lay down. heating pad nixed because its fucking hot here right now.. but yeah. i was done for- for the rest of the day.

i have to look at why i am still experiencing this, this way..

i want to do some research on periods today. on cramps. on this pain that we experience and what we collectively say about this. i have never really looked into periods and others experience of them. my mothers, sisters < first experiences that i have had with 'a period'. i know real pain. physical pain. minus the mental bullshit of what we think about pain. i get that part. but i want to do this to get a grasp on the "what we think" aspect of periods, the "what ive accepted" when it comes to my idea of "what a period is" or is "supposed to be". to really specify the self forgivness that im about to give to this shit. because before when i "stopped this pain experience" for all this time (minus the past two periods..)i did so by physically walking myself out of the mental part i had accepted about pain. but that does not delete or address the mental part i have accepted about periods. just ignores it. replaces it with physical movement. but thats not enough. so now to look the whole before i can truely address this part.

and i have to keep with me that when i do address the mental part of this period experience to not expect something different (or the same for that matter )from pain. pain is real and its here and its a part of the voice of the human physical body. me experiencing physical pain is one thing. me manifesting a debilitating experience surrounded by the fact that pain is involved, is something else. cool..

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