"it may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. we are like eggs at present. and you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. we must be hatched or go bad. " -c.s. lewis

Sunday, September 25, 2011

the man next door and the equal money system


my sister was taking me to work yesterday and we were passing my corner neighbors house and my sister says, u gotta see what hes doing now. our corner neighbor is always in his backyard. almost literally always back there. he has a garden back there to which he has built a frame around with wood so the vines and flowers can grow all around. he does fires, sing alongs with the guitar and he does whatever he can with wood. he has tables and chairs and benches made from tree trunks and various pieces of wood that look really cool. we turn the corner and i see this huge wooden..lol well thing. its being made for a shelter/patio area for his backyard. hes been working back there for a while on something and i turn the corner and see this thing :). my sis says, isnt that cool. of course i agreed. she says how its obvious that he works or has worked and saved since he is able to have this house for his family and cars and such but its really cool that he is able to do what he really enjoys doing. which is working with wood and with his hands. whenever we look or go outside, there he is doing something in the backyard. i metioned that in an equal money system people will not have to worry about if they are going to be able to eat or have somewhere to sleep or have clean water or have all around care. because in an equal money system life is valued. period. and what life needs life will get. so all people would be able to enjoy the resources that this earth has for us ALL. equally and respectfully. all people would be able to enjoy self expression without worry or fear of survival. i said to her, in an equal money system both our jobs would not exist and if they did they would not exist in the form they are in now. ( shes is a wine representative and sells wine to resturants. its a extremely stressful job they way they would like them to do it (underhanded, manipulative and forceful) and of course its all about profiting over people. i am a brand ambassador. i pretty much represent different companies at promotional events or festivals or samplings. i interact with all different types of people which i enjoy, but i basically convince people to buy shit by giving them shit and playing on different idea or emotions, in a nutshell.) i asked her, what would u do if this were in equal money system and u did not have to worry all the time about if u and my niece and my brother will eat or have some shelter to lay ur head or about money money money? she says, id love to paint all day long! she is an awesome artist. she draws and paints and her expression through her paintings is really cool. she likes to show the movement of that which she paints. for instance she would paint the color of the sway of wind a butterfly shes painted has just gone through. cool stuff. with her being pregnant and prepartion for everything that comes with creating a child and then having a child and immediately going back to the hustle of work has deleted her time for her self expression through art in place of survival. within an equal money system self expression will be encouraged. self expression that does so within the principles of oneness and equality and a respect for all as self. the rat race we currently live in will be no more. once the need to do whatever one has to to eat and keep cloths on ones back and a roof over ones head and clean water to drink and so and so forth is realised to be unneccessary if one is operating within what is best for all, then we can collectively birth life here in the physical. there will be work. but all will be able to work and contribute themselves fully. all are NOT able to work and contribute themselves fully within the current system. some have no opportunities at all the way we have accepted and allowed this world. this will change with the implementation of the equal money system.
i took a picture of my neighbor atop his expression. may not be able to tell in the picture, but hes smiling :)

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