"it may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. we are like eggs at present. and you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. we must be hatched or go bad. " -c.s. lewis

Friday, September 9, 2011

breakfast with a fly


since i began to realise myself within oneness of all life and all that is here i have a different relationship with insects. i didnt have a fear of them before, but i also didnt have a care for them either. i wouldnt hesitate to pick up a shoe or any smashing object to kill a roach or fly or any insect really. in doing that i really disconnected myself for apart of myself as one and equal with what is here, which is other life known as insects. complete and utter superior attitude we have for everything, but specifically insects in this case for myself. so as i have become to realise myself as a part of all life, i see myself within the insects now. if there is one in the house, or whomevers house im in, i will go get something to swoop it up and take it outside. not from the starting point of a 'savior construct' but as a point of respect for the life within the insect being. and also accounting for the current fact that what people do in this instance, is robotically kill the insect that is in "our" space. theres been many a times that someone is going to find a shoe im and like, "relax, there is no need for that, lemme get a cup." i mean, its a simple as that. care is. my sister said to me one day some time ago, " damn when u really say ur gonna do something, u do it." i was getting a moth that was attracted to the light in the living room that my siblings wanted to smash. it was just what needed to be done. i would like to get to a point where ALL things that just need to be done are done within me as "easy" as realising respect for all insects. i was having a bowl of cereal with soy milk yesterday morning and a fly was landing on me :). it would sit on my knee and watch me eat or fly on the bowl and watch me eat. it hung out for a while as i ate my breakfast. i got down to the last bit of milk. my legs were crossed and the fly sat on my knee. i drank the milk but left a spoon of some. i put it down towards my knee and the fly came up into the spoon and drank some milk. it was really cool :) had breakfast with a fly :)


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