"it may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. we are like eggs at present. and you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. we must be hatched or go bad. " -c.s. lewis

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

cancer, bottle caps, limitation and the illusion of care


a few weeks ago i worked this event where we were trying to get kids interested in tennis. we had these courts set up and rackets that were smaller sized geared to the hands of children rather than a normal sized racket. we hit balls around with them and gave them pointers about tennis and stretching and just overall encouragement for the children in relation to tennis. this was a hot day so we had tons of water. the first thing i noticed showing up was that there were empty water bottles everywhere. i only worked back up the first day of the event meaning i show up and if i was needed i stay, if not i go. so the first day i went. upon showing up the second day to actually work i noticed the empty bottles. i assumed that we were giving these water bottles to the children and parents that came as well as the people working as to "why" there were so many empty water bottles everywhere. turns out the water bottles where just for BAs (brand ambassadors). it was as though no BA had put a water bottle in a trash can at all the whole first day. so after i was told that they were all ours, i went around and picked them all up while being looked at like i was crazy for doing so. we had a big set up in a parking lot and the BAs assumed it was ok to just throw the empty plastic water bottles on the ground for those that clean the lot to pick up when we had many trash cans surrounding the area of our set up. we wished to display the illusion of care for kids and their health in relation to getting out and getting involved in tennis (care with a self interested chaser) but could not care to put our trash in a trash can and show ALL AROUND, true, conditionless, limitless care for kids by taking care of the earth we bring them onto.
at the end of the day we were wrapping things up with paperwork and such and i look to the side and see this guy, a fellow BA, going through the trash cans and taking the bottle caps off of all of the empty water bottles. i went over and asked him why he was doing that. he said he had forgot that his wife told him to get all the bottle caps he could because there is a program that gives kids free chemotherapy for bottle caps that are brouught in. ~breathe~ now when he said this another BA near us hearing this was like "ohh thats so cool that they do that". ~breathe~..ok i honestly just wanted to scream and say "ARE WE FUCKING SERIOUS WITH THIS ILLUSION OF CARE BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!" i have to watch were anger tries to direct me. there are moments when i see injustice or people spouting bullshit or even myself about to or just subconsiously spout some bullshit and i just want to break down in tears lol. it really saddens me. not like im overwhelemed with guilt or anything. its just like, "really with this shit?!!?..damn.". but there is no action within reacting. so i had to breathe through that inital moment of sadness and anger at the situation and i said that it really suks that we have the ability to help people with cancer with chemotherapy but we make everything about profit instead of people. i said if we REALLY cared about people with cancer in a respect of life we would give them chemotherapy or whatever treatment they needed. period. the guy said, "yeah thats so true but every little bit helps." .. in actuality, every little bit does not help. its the manifestation of limitation. and this accepted limitation only breeds more limitation. thats why we accept that giving to a charity that helps a couple people is doing the "right" thing or practical thing. why we accept that doing a food drive that feeds a neighborhood of people actually does anything for reason starvation exist and stopping it. why we get excited at a program that says one child dying of cancer who brings in tons of water bottle caps should get more hours of chemo than another child dying of cancer who has no way of drinking clean water let along collecting water bottle caps. until we stop accepting limitaion as a way of life, all we do will be manifested from our self accept limitation.
i did some digging afterward and found out the 'caps for chemo' program was a hoax. there is so much misinformation out there and it says much about us that we would rather accept something as immediate truth when heard instead of investigating it. so now that guy spends his time collecting caps for no reason and feeling good about himself for what he considers helping. as a result of this accepted limitation within the definiton of helping and care, we accept and allow people with cancer to die everyday when we have the ability and resources to honestly help all of them. we accept and allow people to die everyday of starvation when we have the ability and resources to feed all of them. we accept and allow this by accepting and allowing a system that values profit over life. by accepting and allowing a system that makes a fixed game out of life. it is time we collectively/individually take steps to correct this point. and that begins with the implementation of a system that truley cares for life as a whole. the equal money system.
in an equal money system help, in regards to the needs of cancer patients, would be given conditionlessly to all that need it. period. it would no longer be about money or making people collect water bottle caps or jump through hoops to fucking live. life will no longer be the accepted survival game that it is now. there will be no losers or winners, worthys and unworthys. the value we currently give to life is disgusting. within an equal money system the respect of life as a whole is the bottom line from which all actions will stem from.

investigate the equal money system ~ www.equalmoney.org ~

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