"it may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. we are like eggs at present. and you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. we must be hatched or go bad. " -c.s. lewis

Monday, June 4, 2012

hi. my name is manipulation.

i shared this^ image today on my facebook. ive shared it before. but its still true. so i shared it again. been thinking of it in relation to the reasons why we do the things we do. big things. little things. considering the starting points behind why we move ourselves the way we move ourselves. why i move myself the way i move myself. and ive realized that we ARE, in fact, a sad lot indeed.

we REALLY fucking do collectively move ourselves in this matter. in general but especially within religion. and i know many who have crafted who they are based on our ancestry ideas of gods that have turned into the idea of this one god or that one god will have a hard time looking at this point within themselves. but all religions push the point of do what i say (or my book says..) and u will be in my favor. i will love u. good things will happen to u. u will live forever after u die. and if u do not do what i say (or go against my book..) u will not be in my favor. i will be upset with u. bad things will happen to u. u will suffer for eternity when i get my hands on u. even if it is not a "god" there is always a attracting this to u and a deflecting this from u if u do this or that. this is at the core of religion. doesnt matter if we'd rather focus on the idea of love we manifest within us for this idea of a god that is "all loving" "underneath it all" and "in control" of what is unfolding here. doesnt matter if we'd rather create ideas of miracles all the while looking past the degradation of life going on here as a whole. what is still is. and this is of religion. all the while we are worried about this and that within religion we are missing the possibility of simplicity and joy within collective common sense movement here.

i was flipping through television today and found nothing i wanted to watch so i turned the tv off. but as i was turning it off i saw that 'my name is earl' was coming on. i turned the tv back on and watched the beginning. the "intro" to each episode is of earl telling the story of how he started doing what he was doing. he says he we use to being a "bad" guy. he would steal, cheat, fuck people over. he didnt give a shit. he just went through life doing what he had to do to do what he wanted to do. then one day he gets a scratch off and wins a ton of money but then is immediately hit by a car as he wanders into the street in excitement. so he losses the money. because hes half dead. then he decides that this is karma (god) kicking his as (punishing) him for all the "bad" he has done in his life. so he makes a list of all the "bad" things he has ever done and sets out to "make up" for each one to clear his karma (so that "good" can happen to him. because thats how "good" always happens). this really is a sneaky little religious show wrapped in a funny lil package im seeing haha. and then the mantra "do good things, good things happen. do bad things, bad things happen", which is repeated in the show. this is something that is pounded into our heads in various ways around the world. there are many that want us to believe this lie. that this is how the world we all live in is. it is not. many who do "bad" things are reaping tons of "good" rewards. its the reason they move they way they do within those "bad" things they do. and then we like to take that to the idea that ultimately it is god who looks at what a person is doing or has done in the world really. < REALLY, there is no self responsibility within resting in that. no acknowledgement and accountability for our movement here. we are given a back door for much bullshit and ways to stay in the same cycle within our idea of religion.

that which we all require, as life, is the same. dignity. within that common sense is required. food, clean water, shelter. for all. a world that values life. < period. where we assist ourselves in dropping all the self limitations and fears we have built us as "who we are" for so long with the implementation of self honesty within all movement in our collective system.

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  1. Undoubtedly so... and when I ask myself how organized religion got so widespread and influential I think: Indian Rope Trick.